Education plays a very pivotal and dominant role in changing our thought process , our behaviors and attitudes , our way of functioning and helps in making this society a constantly growing , progressive , forbearing society and a better place for everyone to flourish,blossom and prosper together ,making it a peaceful, pleasant ,harmonious and conflict-free place for everyone to reside in . Prisons all over the world are brimmed with individuals that are serving time in pre-trial detention which basically means they are serving jail time for something that they haven’t even been convicted of yet. Most of them are in there for long period of time for petty crimes like drugs , alcohol ,disorderly conduct ,shoplifting, drunk driving and so forth, some are even innocent and in prison for being falsely accused of something they haven’t even done and their lives are tossed into the trash without them being given a second chance at life and the sole reason is that the root cause is never addressed and nothing is being done to break this vicious cycle . “Inmates” as they call the individuals that serve time in the prison , they become demented and deranged with time ,mentally , psychologically and emotionally disturbed even more than they were when they first set foot in there and the reasons are plenty for instance the pressure of living incessantly within a closed restricted setting and environment for months/ years with hardly any access to nature or sunlight , their lack of contact with their families and loved ones and the outside world, constant bullying by the staff and fellow inmates, which makes them agitated , frustrated and violent even if they weren’t in the first place let alone for the individuals that already came from a troubled life ,criminal background , no education and so on and even if they were to come out their low interpersonal skills , lack of literacy and education, poor cognitive and emotional functioning and lack of financial planning and management skills are a huge hindrance and obstacle in the path of them moving forward with their lives and becoming a respectable ,valuable and upstanding member of the society and that’s the tragedy of how the prison environment shapes a person’s life to be. Individuals living inside prisons have extreme pent up emotions and aggression and if not channelized in a productive and efficient way , they might become a menace for the society, plenty of studies says majority of the prisoners once released from the prison are rearrested and put back in prison within a very short span of time for repeated crimes or perhaps new ones they learned back in the prison. Education is something that is said and proven to be a perfect way they can channelize that suppressed negativity within. Education can help break the cycle ,address and help resolve the issues that landed them into detention in the first place ,providing them with the right kind of opportunities and insights that enables them to help themselves , their families and their communities .It could be studying lets say human psychology and going deep into their brains for them to find out why they are the way they are and why they did what they did and how to overcome it .Education is proven to be the most effective way to decrease crime in the society, prisoners who take part in education programs are less likely to return to prison and successfully re-enter the society and make positive impacts on their families and communities. Education gives them a voice , gives them better future and social competence. Education is hope and beacon of light for many incarcerated individuals, it improves their wellbeing their health, their employment and personal income prospects , creates more opportunities for them , enhances greater political engagement and volunteerism, more giving back to communities ,decreased recidivism, lesser crimes safer communities and better self-esteem and life for them and everyone else around them.

“a 1$ million investment in incarceration will prevent about 350 crimes , while the same investment in prison education will prevent more than 600 crimes”

“He who opens a school closes a prison”

“Prison changes people, education changes prisons”