Ironically, a country where majority comprises of Muslims, having a religious book beginning with the word “Iqra” emphasizing to “read” do not allow or encourage females to pursue higher education. This situation isn’t of some far flung rural area but also exists in urbanized societies. One of the core reasons includes poverty. Parents cannot afford the university fees and other expenses which inhibits them from providing quality education to their daughters. Another major cause includes childhood marriages. Unfortunately, in Pakistani society, there are some people who consider their daughters as burden. They marry them off quick without making them educate because they believe that girls are supposed to get married and manage domestic affairs only. After the marriage, if the poor young girl tries to pursue higher education, she is discouraged by her husband and in laws. Similarly, some people in the Pakistani society fall for wrong interpretations of religious scriptures assuming that Women’s education isn’t encouraged in Islam and rejecting the notion of women leaving her “chaar diwari” and going to a university for higher education. In such a situation, going to another city or country for education is an idea impossible.
Moreover, investing in son’s education instead of daughter’s education is considered more fruitful as sons are considered to be the breadwinner of their family. Parents forget that such an act makes their daughter dependent on another individual for a whole life. A woman must be financially independent so that she cannot be blackmailed or abused by anyone. One major cause behind not allowing daughters to pursue higher education is not having a decent university with a safe environment nearby due to conflicts etc. Parents are genuinely concerned for their daughter’s safety which stops them to send her there despite the fact that they want her to pursue higher education. In addition to it, even if the women are allowed to pursue higher education, they will not be allowed to pursue subjects of their own interest. They will be discouraged to opt for STEM subjects as they are considered only to be studied by males. There is already a dearth of technology in Pakistan. In such a situation, if the females would not be allowed to pursue STEM education, the gap would widen. Pakistan requires women in every discipline of life so that it can stand progressive on canvas of the world. In order to realize this dream, higher education for women must be encouraged. For this purpose, parenting workshops should be conducted in order to aware the parents with the importance of educating women at least till bachelors. Religious clerics should play a positive role by presenting the true interpretations of religious scriptures so that people get encouraged to send their daughters to universities. Legislation should be done to stop childhood marriages so that women cannot be deprived of their right to education. Moreover, good universities should be established in every district with a safe and inclusive environment for women. Special scholarships should be provided to females so that poverty cannot become a hindrance in their education.