Anime has been a growing form of media with thousands of fans worldwide. Due to increased Globalization and a constant source of internet, Anime has slowly been introduced to the young adults of Pakistan as a pastime, hobby and even a culture. This Otaku Culture has grown to the point where anime conventions, also known as Anime Cons, are now a yearly event with crowds of like-minded individuals coming together to celebrate their favorite characters.
However, with Pakistan being built on a strict set of Islamic ideals, this integration has caused clashes amongst the old and the young in various ways. The first main conflict was on the very term ‘anime’ whereby the older community views it as childish cartoons which prevent their children from ‘growing up’ while the younger community resented being treated as ‘children’ for a media which was just as vast in its genres and ideas as any TV Show or Movie. Still, there is a great gap of knowledge on the effects of anime not only for the older members of the community but the younger ones as well.
The older members fail to realize the depth of anime and the lessons it depicts but also the violence and nudity which is normalized. This means that, though they dislike anime for its ‘childishness’ they will allow their children to watch it and the lack of screening means that the young minds are exposed to ideas which their culture will never allow them to realize and the basis of human decency is shifted to another direction.
There has been a growth in violence against men, especially amongst young adult females who use said violence as a means to ‘Gender Equality’. This normalization has caused an increase in disturbing normalcies whereby the male victims do not see the violence as wrong and even encourage their female friends. The trend is not only in real-life situations but online as well where the use of phrases such as ‘Step on my Mommy/Daddy’ have increased in a new form of masochism.
Women have become both a source and victim of this violence as they now seek to break away from cultural restraints for more ‘liberal’ actions; however, they are unable to cope with the repercussions which come afterwards as there is no real protection for them. It is unfortunate but Pakistan has not been able to provide proper protection to its population against sexual violence and harassment partly due to the legal system but also due to the mindset of its people.
With anime now being a part of TV streaming packages through mediums such as Crunchroll, more Pakistani Youth are being exposed to the violent ideas behind many series with sexual innuendos reigning supreme. Without proper screening and placing age restrictions, the exposure to genres such as Ecchi and the presented roles of males and females (females as maidens who require male aid and males as carpets for the females) can cause an increase in violence and deviance.