Greta Thunberg is not only a name but a call of awakening from the deep sleep for people of the world, sociologists, activists, environmentalists, especially politicians and leaders who promised their people of providing a breathable and livable planet. Her speeches has divided the world into lefts and rights, whether UNEP (UN Environment Program), world leaders, and influential people are planning for sustainability and protection against climate disasters or the sustainable climate goals are just a show to put on to distract people. The debate whether we can eradicate climate change or lessen the effects causing global warming, rising sea levels, melting of glaciers, floods, and threat to many species who are endangered or on the verge of extinction; is the other dimension of what impact Greta a fifteen years old left in arousing the world. A young commoner like many of us living, earning, and thinking the world will become a peaceful clean planet with collective effort was left to worry with a sudden questioning of teen girl in her speeches and protest emerging on news, press and social media back in 2018 & 2019. She questioned where the decades of blah blah blah of politicians have led us to. At the UN climate summit in 2019, she delivered an emotional speech saying.

“How dare you! Talk about eternal economic growth while the entire ecosystems are collapsing?”
Greta’s history of campaigns:
Greta’s journey of spreading awareness outside Swedish parliament to giving speeches and challenging leaders at 2018 UN climate summit COP24 where she addressed world leaders are not mature enough to tell it like it is. In 2019 delivering speech at World Economic Forum she commenced by saying “our house is on fire” declaring no progress has been made. But out of all the most viral speech on social media became her UN Climate Action Summit 2019 where along with other young activists she highlighted 5 countries failed to meet target of emission reduction. In 2020 World Economic Forum, Greta notified we youngsters will not give up until you take necessary actions. She also attended European Parliament Environment committee and kept Campaigning during COVID-19. She also attended COP26 and accused it of greenwashing affect. She also delivered TED talks on climate and also author of three books No One is Too Small to Make a Difference, Our House Is on Fire and The Climate Book.
Some of the most influential titles and awards she received are;
o Most influential teen of 2018 by Times
o The world’s 100 most powerful women of 2019 by Forbes
o Natures 10 of 2019
The Glamour women 2019 and many more including nomination for Noble Peace Price for opening politicians eyes.
Leaders and media immediate reaction to Greta Thunberg’s strikes and speech:

Greta was criticized by far-right Swedish media and was highlighted in regards of her Asperger’s syndrome as emotionally unstable. Whereas, MP’s in UK such as Michael Gove environment secretary than claimed her as voice of our conscience. Post Greta’s Fridays for climate strike and 2019 UN climate summit Narendra Modi depicted concerns on climate in his speech but only through words, German chancellor Angela Markel made claim of coal emission by 2038; an extended deadline not appreciated by environmentalists and France’s president Emmanuel Macron asked EU to deepen its emission cuts so students don’t have to miss Fridays from school to protest. On the other hand Donald. J. Trump America’s president at that time commented on Greta in a tweet to work on her anger management issues and chill. Vladimir Putin, Russian leader speaking at an energy conference claimed Thunberg as “Kind but poorly informed girl”.
Impact of Greta Thunberg as change agent:

Greta Thunberg affect became an area of research in social sciences for behavioral change in globe and as a change agent for climate awareness. Oratories of Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner and Aka Niviana were unseen by adults, but Greta Thunberg protests and speeches gone viral through social media gave them all a voice and inspired many young climate activists from different countries to participate and question global leaders. Many young activists in Europe and around the globe started protesting on Friday’s for future. In India climate activists Disha Ravi inspired from Greta along with other young Indian activists held Fridays for future strike and she is making sure the environment policies are being implemented in India. Luong Van Can Fund in Vietnam organized “The change agent” funded competition where students from various study background participated and gave sustainable ideas such as bags made from potatoes. As well as Greta’s leadership was transformational leadership where people were enlightened and she gave sacrifice of her time and energy to take people on board.