‘Crowd or no crowd, we can be harassed’
Why not roar back at them, and get them baffled?
For transit, women mostly opt for or regrettably have to opt for public transport. Although public transportation is cheap and quick, women have not had particularly pleasant experiences with it. What breaks me is to know that even an infant is not safe from the claws of these monsters. Then who am I to survive on the earth without being harassed? It is a rampant, and grave violation of human rights.
First, men need to understand that passing comments is not a compliment by any means, it is simply harassment. Harasser pesters us by keeps on trying to spark a conversation, even if we show our least interest. We are being asked inappropriate questions, which are not acceptable at any cost. Inappropriate gestures, a grope, stare, catcalling, eve-teasing – you name it!
An invisible hand of a man will grope you, and these unwanted touches stay with you for decades as an agoraphobia. Such actions by perpetrators force us to be meticulous around the clock. Even If we stop using public transport, we persistently get harassed on rickshaws and cabs where we can trace the hand of the perpetrator still, we are defenseless.
So, crowd or no crowd, we can be harassed.
To lessen the perils of a sexual offense, action could be taken against the perpetrator by confronting those harassers. Due to fear of reprisal, most of us stay quiet and do not bother to share what we have experienced. Many unheard and untold experiences need to be shared and reported, as every report could bring offenders one step closer to justice.

Does she travel safely? As vehicles are usually overcrowded, and sexual harassment happens too often, a high rate of anonymity on public vehicles provides the molester ample opportunity to sexually harass women. The consensus here in Pakistan is to keep their heads down and mind their own business. It really is upsetting and a wake-up call. Nonetheless, as a woman, we need to understand when to turn on our fight or flight mode, when we encounter sexual harassment and call it out as soon as we see it happening around us. We just cannot stay quiet and hope it will stop someday.
MEN WILL BE MEN, they never admit to committing sexual harassment. WOMEN WILL BE WOMEN, they never tell anyone what happened.
This needs to stop, although journey would not be easy, as bystanders just push you to take a stand and then they judge. World is becoming a breeding ground for harassment. What we can di is, we must edify our male family members, to be cautious of how they make the person next to them feel while they transit. The world is prospering in every way but on the other hand, there is a prevalent jeopardy and a tormenting situation for women that they are getting harassed by perpetrators, simply because they are women. No matter what, we must promptly intervene, and withstand together to combat this horrendous violence before it becomes uncontrollable.